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Digital Bible

“There’s an app for that…” I’ve been reading the bible on my iPod Touch for over a year now and have really enjoyed the experience. Recently I moved to a new bible app that’s made it even better. It’s called … Continue reading

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Remember crack? I’m not sure about Britain but for many years in America crack was the scourge of urban humanity. A derivative of cocaine the stuff was cheap and horrendously addictive; countless thousands of children, teens and adults smoked up … Continue reading

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London is rioting… So are Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Salford, Wolverhampton and West Bromwich. The vast majority of the rioters are teenaged boys. It’s not a pretty picture, especially when you consider that there is no obvious reason, no rallying … Continue reading

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You Try it, You Buy it

You’d think I would learn. Twice this week I found myself stuck with products I didn’t want, twice a victim of “buyer’s remorse.” The first was my new mobile phone. I don’t like it. At least I didn’t like it … Continue reading

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Mes Fleurs, (la deuxieme partie)

These precious ones came from Buckie, Glencoe and Blantyre, Scotland

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