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Meat is Murder

“Good grief, I remember those guys. I used to be nuts about their music.” I hadn’t listened to the Smiths for over twenty years, but recalled my fascination with their music when an old high school friend posted a link … Continue reading

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For an Umbrella

“Dad, this umbrella’s broken.” “Who broke it?” Dumb question. “I don’t know.” Elisabeth looked at me plaintively, as if I could fix it, or better yet, rush out and buy her a new one at 8 AM. “You’ll just have … Continue reading

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TV Blues

I don’t watch much television. Most of the time, I can’t sit still long enough to finish a program. I get restless, feeling there are more pressing things to be done. But, Sunday nights I like to sit down for … Continue reading

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Klipsch has done it again. We bought our first pair of Klipsch speakers twenty years ago; we paid extra and got the big ones and have never regretted it. Standing nearly a metre tall (3 feet) they are one of … Continue reading

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“What about the Arab Nations?”

A friend raised this good question yesterday. We were discussing the recent, epic flooding in Pakistan and the plea from the UK government to send aid monies to the tune of £300 million ($450 M). How the UN arrived at … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Birthday Cake

“How about a piece of birthday cake?” Mother frowned; not a question I usually ask my children at breakfast time. However, this was their first day of school and there remained a substantial portion of cake left over from the … Continue reading

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Me and Robbie gone to Chatelherault. Bye, Ben Not a note you expect to find on the door of your study first thing in the morning. Was this from the night before? I wondered. I remembered Lisa giving the boys … Continue reading

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The Chipper

“Dad, we need a chipper.  There’s one at the church, maybe we can borrow it.” “Really, I’ve never seen one there before.” “I saw one in the storage closet.” “Wouldn’t it be easier just to bundle up those branches and … Continue reading

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The Love of the Father

“As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him,” (Psalm 103:13). I love this passage because it speaks so tenderly of God’s love for us as his children. There is no … Continue reading

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The Outing

Mummy needed a break. “You know what would be really great?” “What,” I asked innocently. “If you could take the kids away from the house for the day.” “Oh.” So, I planned a little field trip and told the kids, … Continue reading

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