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A Small Matter

I came across a statistic yesterday that really surprised me, so I asked my teenaged children about it, something I’d encourage you to do as well. “What percentage of the British population self-identify as homosexual?” Their answers ranged from 20% … Continue reading

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Charlie Gard

Today’s news brings the announcement that the parents of little Charlie Gard have made the decision to end their fight to allow him to travel to America for an experimental medical treatment.  They will spend his last days together as … Continue reading

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Coming Out in Stripes

My friends are coming out, in stripes. My Facebook friends that is.  They’ve altered their online appearance by superimposing a rainbow flag over their profile pic.  I didn’t quite get it when I saw the first one, but then there … Continue reading

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Chasing After the Wind

I have a few concerns about wind power. I’m not opposed to renewable energy. It would be wonderful to think we could one day supply all our energy needs with renewables, but we cannot surrender our reason in the process. … Continue reading

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For the Sake of Freedom

One of the great surprises for me in moving to Scotland was to discover that Margaret Thatcher was and is for many a loathsome and divisive public figure. As a teenager I grew up with Ronald Reagan and his partnership … Continue reading

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Practicing the Presence on Holiday

Lord, you have promised to meet those who seek your face. Come now and reveal your presence to me as I make myself present to you. In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord, AMEN. This prayer captures the essence … Continue reading

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The French Connection

As are most High School students, son David (13) is troubled by his French school work. “Dad, can you help me with this assignment?” Asking me is a real sign of desperation. My French is adequate for little more than … Continue reading

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2012 in review

These statistics came to me from WordPress regarding my blog this year. In spite of my lack of entries the blog still drew considerable interest. Have a look yourself at the power of the web. The stats helper monkeys … Continue reading

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Christmas Leftovers

I’ve never seen a queue at the tip (line at the dump) but, three days after Christmas the cars were backed up into the street. Everyone was dumping their Christmas leftovers: boxes, wrapping paper, old electronics bumped out by the … Continue reading

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Gun Control

How long America, I ask you how long will you believe that guns make the nation a safer place? Check out this article and pay close attention to the statistics about guns and accidental death, suicide and murder, not to … Continue reading

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