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Coming Out in Stripes

My friends are coming out, in stripes. My Facebook friends that is.  They’ve altered their online appearance by superimposing a rainbow flag over their profile pic.  I didn’t quite get it when I saw the first one, but then there … Continue reading

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The French Connection

As are most High School students, son David (13) is troubled by his French school work. “Dad, can you help me with this assignment?” Asking me is a real sign of desperation. My French is adequate for little more than … Continue reading

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2012 in review

These statistics came to me from WordPress regarding my blog this year. In spite of my lack of entries the blog still drew considerable interest. Have a look yourself at the power of the web. The stats helper monkeys … Continue reading

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Get a Grip

I hate walking on ice, but falling is worse. When your elbow, or knee or bum or face hit the ice from standing height you remember the experience vividly and take conscious efforts to prevent it happening again. Here in … Continue reading

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Nordic Thunder

We used to do this kind of stuff in high school…never knew it could go to such campy extremes. They gave this Guitar Hero a real guitar; he probably wondered, “What’s this?” PS. if you’re wondering about my use of … Continue reading

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“You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.” “What?” “You heard me.” “But I took your picture off my blog site.” “It doesn’t matter; you used it without my permission.” “But, I didn’t earn any money using it.” “Doesn’t matter, you owe … Continue reading

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Anvil Priest, pt. 2

Run for the border… Americans will remember this as a tagline for a series of Taco Bell ads, but in Gretna Green it has a whole different meaning. As I said in my previous post, Gretna Green has for 250 … Continue reading

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I climbed my first Corbet yesterday. For the uninitiated a Corbet is any hill 2500 feet or higher, a step down from its larger cousin, the Munro which is anything 3000 feet or better. Yesterday’s effort was Ben Ledi and … Continue reading

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Three Days

It had been a long time since I made the pilgrimage, in fact I couldn’t remember exactly, ten years, twelve? It was before the boys were born, I knew that much. Sophie would have known, she could always remember stuff … Continue reading

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What is it that separates those with some talent from those with a great deal of talent? You can tell almost immediately and while few can put a finger on it, everyone knows the difference between a middling talent and … Continue reading

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