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Get a Grip

I hate walking on ice, but falling is worse. When your elbow, or knee or bum or face hit the ice from standing height you remember the experience vividly and take conscious efforts to prevent it happening again. Here in … Continue reading

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Selling Your Soul

What would you do for an iPad? What about an iPhone? What about both? I read a story in the news this morning about a 17 year old Chinese boy who went to the extraordinary length of surrendering a kidney … Continue reading

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Digital Bible

“There’s an app for that…” I’ve been reading the bible on my iPod Touch for over a year now and have really enjoyed the experience. Recently I moved to a new bible app that’s made it even better. It’s called … Continue reading

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Remember crack? I’m not sure about Britain but for many years in America crack was the scourge of urban humanity. A derivative of cocaine the stuff was cheap and horrendously addictive; countless thousands of children, teens and adults smoked up … Continue reading

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Amazin’ Kindle

I first saw one of these at a friend’s house last week, so I’m holding him personally responsible. As it turned out my birthday was just around the corner, so a good excuse to buy one was close at hand. … Continue reading

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Country and Western

I had friends as a teenager who were proud rednecks. They hung Confederate flags from the back window of their pickup trucks, wore Wrangler jeans, big belt buckles and ball caps every day. Most of them were nice kids but, … Continue reading

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Klipsch has done it again. We bought our first pair of Klipsch speakers twenty years ago; we paid extra and got the big ones and have never regretted it. Standing nearly a metre tall (3 feet) they are one of … Continue reading

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