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The Boy Who Saved Christmas

My wee wifee was not well for Christmas, in fact, I think she had the flu. So, it was up to me; I had to fix the Christmas dinner. All the supplies were there: turkey, veggies, cranberries, etc. All I … Continue reading

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Excerpt 26-12-10

This is an excerpt from today’s sermon based on John 1:1-14 In America, one of the most famous architects was a man named Frank Lloyd-Wright. He was a genius and much of what makes American architecture beautiful and inspiring is … Continue reading

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Christmas Cards

Who are these people? I read the names on the card, but can’t put any faces to them, at least not all of them. Yes, I know a Steve and a Freya, but they don’t go together with Scott and … Continue reading

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The Ring of Fever

“Dad, I feel sick…” Another feverish head, another child home from school for the day. There’s a bug going round the Carswell house and it’s been at work for two weeks now. I’m not sure who had it first, maybe … Continue reading

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In the last two weeks I have crossed sixteen different commitments from my appointment book, all weather-related cancellations. Many other, unplanned but intended activities have been left undone as well. It’s driving me nuts! I know there are many of … Continue reading

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The Hanging ‘o’ the Greens

I’ve never been big on Christmas decorations at the house. I don’t mind looking at them, but the set-up is just extra work that I choose not to take on. Naturally the kids always want Christmas decorations and, try as … Continue reading

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Spongebob Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar

Christmas brings out the weirdness in all of us. I was at the PoundShop last night with Jessie when I noticed that old familiar face looking back at me, only this time he was oddly juxtaposed on an Advent calendar, … Continue reading

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Winter Wear

I wonder what our new lives will be like? With snow on the ground for nearly a week and no signs of a warm-up in the near future we Scots are going to have to get used to living with … Continue reading

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“Students Riot”

There are some things about British culture that I just don’t understand, the most recent being the riots staged by students in England over proposed hikes in university tuition fees. Most of these protests have been peaceful, but some have … Continue reading

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