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Christmas Leftovers

I’ve never seen a queue at the tip (line at the dump) but, three days after Christmas the cars were backed up into the street. Everyone was dumping their Christmas leftovers: boxes, wrapping paper, old electronics bumped out by the … Continue reading

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The Shape of Me

I’m not getting fat, I’m changing shape. The inevitable mid-life slump of the shoulders has forced a more pronounced sway in my spine thus moving my belly outwards, giving the false appearance of weight gain. There’s not more of me, … Continue reading

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Selling Your Soul

What would you do for an iPad? What about an iPhone? What about both? I read a story in the news this morning about a 17 year old Chinese boy who went to the extraordinary length of surrendering a kidney … Continue reading

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Back to Class

“Ohhh, my back is killing me…” Everyone’s tired of hearing me say that. They still grimace when my fact contorts with a spasm, but after ten years their empathy is a bit patchy. So, I finally did something about it … Continue reading

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Lobster Boy

Lobsters aren’t normally red, they’re brown. But, the only time I see them is when they’re coming out of the boiling pot and by then they’re very red indeed. I feel like a lobster this morning, a freshly boiled lobster, … Continue reading

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What’s it Mean to “Have a Church”?

I’m in the midst of a new member’s class, encouraging my students to think about what it means to have a church. All too often in Scottish society the public looks at the church as a service provider, like a … Continue reading

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Can’t Stop Laughing…

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One of the unique advantages to owning an Amazon Kindle is access to thousands of free books. Most of them are best sellers, though not of this century, or the last. It would seem though that the copyright on most … Continue reading

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New Car Smell

There’s something about that new car smell that makes you feel good. I don’t know what it is exactly: new plastic and upholstery, fresh oil and machinery, untried rubber or some combination of all of them. New car smell is … Continue reading

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Three Hands

I used this picture on Sunday for my children’s sermon, a lesson on greed. I asked the kids, “What do you think this little girl is thinking?” There were a variety of answers about her possession of the three dolls … Continue reading

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