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Free Drugs

“That’ll be eight hundred fifty-three dollars and 68 cents.” The man next to me blanched, staring in disbelief at the girl behind the counter. I would never have believed that prescription drugs could be so expensive. I wondered if it … Continue reading

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Help us in our Unbelief

Lord, we believe, help us in our unbelief. Now there’s an honest confession; a confession of weakness, a confession of doubt, a confession that speaks the complexity of faith more than any other. We believe and want to believe more, … Continue reading

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What is it that separates those with some talent from those with a great deal of talent? You can tell almost immediately and while few can put a finger on it, everyone knows the difference between a middling talent and … Continue reading

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What’s it Mean to “Have a Church”?

I’m in the midst of a new member’s class, encouraging my students to think about what it means to have a church. All too often in Scottish society the public looks at the church as a service provider, like a … Continue reading

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Goggie Gone

We grieved when our last dog died. He licked up some of the paint I was using on our lawn furniture. (We were never sure if it was a case of negligent manslaughter or suicide. The authorities finally ruled it … Continue reading

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