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The Shape of Me

I’m not getting fat, I’m changing shape. The inevitable mid-life slump of the shoulders has forced a more pronounced sway in my spine thus moving my belly outwards, giving the false appearance of weight gain. There’s not more of me, … Continue reading

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Anvil Priest, pt. 2

Run for the border… Americans will remember this as a tagline for a series of Taco Bell ads, but in Gretna Green it has a whole different meaning. As I said in my previous post, Gretna Green has for 250 … Continue reading

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Anvil Priest

“Finally going to make an honest woman of her, eh John?” “Yes, all these years of living together…” Lisa and I were on our way to Gretna Green for a few days together. The place was of interest to us … Continue reading

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A Pointless Exercise

In the recent issue of “Ministers’ Forum” the Rev. William Whitson attempted rather lamely to argue that the Children’s Address was a pointless exercise of worship and asked for suggestions as to why we ought to continue the practice. This … Continue reading

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I climbed my first Corbet yesterday. For the uninitiated a Corbet is any hill 2500 feet or higher, a step down from its larger cousin, the Munro which is anything 3000 feet or better. Yesterday’s effort was Ben Ledi and … Continue reading

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“Jessie, why’s the floor so slippery?” “Uh…” Blame it on Kenny, Kenny Loggins that is. “Footloose” is a song I’d have been happy to die without ever hearing again. It was so overplayed in the 80’s that the joy of … Continue reading

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Selling Your Soul

What would you do for an iPad? What about an iPhone? What about both? I read a story in the news this morning about a 17 year old Chinese boy who went to the extraordinary length of surrendering a kidney … Continue reading

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Three Days

It had been a long time since I made the pilgrimage, in fact I couldn’t remember exactly, ten years, twelve? It was before the boys were born, I knew that much. Sophie would have known, she could always remember stuff … Continue reading

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