The French Connection

As are most High School students, son David (13) is troubled by his French school work.

“Dad, can you help me with this assignment?”

Asking me is a real sign of desperation. My French is adequate for little more than personal introductions and vain conversations about the weather. Help with French homework usually ends in my confession, “Ooh, la, la. Il fait tres difficile, n’est pas?”

Last night I suggested David contact his pal Logan in France. The two boys met this past summer when my childhood friend Andy came for a visit. His two sons, Logan (12) and Alek (6) were raised in a bilingual household and are consequently fluent in English and French.

David and Logan were on Skype last night trading notes. I wasn’t home for the conversation but had coached David to prepare some questions to ask his young tutor. When I got home later last night I learned that it had been a fairly short and very productive conversation, especially for David.

Apparently Logan suggested, “Just type out what you want in English and I’ll type it back to you in French.”

David’s school teacher will no doubt be impressed with his miraculous overnight comprehension of the many nuances of the French language.

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One Response to The French Connection

  1. Doug Swist says:

    It’s always nice to have friends in the other places

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