Christmas Leftovers

I’ve never seen a queue at the tip (line at the dump) but, three days after Christmas the cars were backed up into the street. Everyone was dumping their Christmas leftovers: boxes, wrapping paper, old electronics bumped out by the new stuff. It was incredible and the containers were all piled high.

I was there doing my bit times four. Not only did I have bags of Christmas rubbish, I was also disposing of the remnants of Lisa’s latest redecorating project, emptying my trash bin that, in the midst of a foggy Boxing Day hangover, I’d forgotten to bring to the curb for pickup on Wednesday, and lastly, there was a gallon of used motor oil from the past summer’s oil change.

I was glad to be rid of it, all of it.

It is astonishing though, how much stuff gets dumped. We are fortunate to have a tip with multiple skips for the recycling of glass, metal, wood, yard waste, oil, clothing and electronic equipment. But, the largest pile is for “non-recyclables.” Anything that arrives in a bin bag (trash sack) goes here and this was the one piled highest today.

After disposing my oil I backed the car into an available bay and commenced off-loading my unwanted Christmas/decorating/weekly rubbish. It wasn’t long before the task was complete and my car reverted from garbage truck to people carrier.

As I drove out of the tip the entrance gate closed with another string of cars waiting to get inside. Apparently it was time to change the skips and bring in more empty ones. I hope someone somewhere is happy to get leftovers for Christmas.

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