Gun Control

How long America, I ask you how long will you believe that guns make the nation a safer place?

Check out this article and pay close attention to the statistics about guns and accidental death, suicide and murder, not to mention little incidents like Newton. I couldn’t have said it better myself…

America’s Deadly Obsession with Guns

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4 Responses to Gun Control

  1. Jim Moyers says:

    This article is the classic selective use of facts to support ones preconceived beliefs. Not mentioned is that crime goes down where concealed handguns are permitted. If one looks you can find many stories of armed citizens stopping assaults and home invasions.
    The harsh reality is that the adults in the Newton school would have been much more likely to stop the carnage if at least one of them had been armed with a gun. While not widely reported, as I remember the Virginia Tech shooter was stopped by an armed citizen. In Beaumont a man shot people at the court house. He was held be an armed citizen until the police arrived.
    It is fantasy to believe eliminating guns will eliminate evil acts. A couple bottles of gasoline with a lighted wick (Molotov cocktails) thrown into the classroom could easily killed as many or more children. I guess we need eliminate gasoline and start walking.

  2. revcarswell says:

    I’m afraid you will not convince me that handguns and assault rifles make for a better society. I’ve no delusions that stricter laws will eliminate evil, but it is the proliferation of deadly weapons that makes murder, crimes of passion, suicide and accidental death all too easy.

  3. Jenny Carswell says:

    I have heard it said that there are just as many guns of all types in Canada, but there are far fewer violent deaths by the use of them. Without any statistics to tell me so it seems to me that there is something wrong with the American psyche that there are so many using guns to bring death to the general population. That’s fighting talk I know but I have read the statistics pro and con the possession of firearms and they all seem to say that it makes no difference what the law says about them, so what’s left?

  4. Andy Gum says:

    I have to say that now living in Europe (in 3 different countries: Germany, Switzerland, France) since 1998 where there are rather strict gun laws in place, I have to agree that indeed the source of the problems are in the psyche of the American culture. Looking outside in and still as a proud American, a big difference I see from my perspective is that violence is much more easily accepted in the US as a “normal” part of daily life in the country. Of course people get murdered, beat up, robbed, abused and raped regularly in New York, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles, they are big cities and so? This is very obvious by watching the US news where the viloent stories nearly always get the top headlines. US television does nothing to minimize acceptance of violence. Another example, 8 pm on a weeknight anyone, kids included, can watch the Terminator shoot and kill 45-50 people in 90 min. The most popular TV shows are those relating to murders in Las Vegas, NYC and Miami (why else would 3 CSI shows work during the same week if but acceptance and popularity of violence and solving the crime that is anyway always in our big cities). In France, violence on TV is very well monitored. Everyone (and very useful for parents) has a circle on the bottom right hand side of the screen indicating the minimum age required (meaning psychologically ready to handle the subjects on the program) to view the current broadcast (-10, -12, -16, -18). Violence is much more scrutinized than nudity, i.e. a film where there is a partially nude (a butt or exposed breast) romantic love scene in a bedroom is often -10 but CSI always gets the -12!! Horror films like Scream, Friday 13 or Saw all carry the -16. Here is indeed an important point because in the US this is often the reverse and a naked breast or butt seems to be bad and more heavily censored but the Terminator blasting people is ok. This is totally against human nature and intentions, if violence comes before affection or romance. After all, what is a more natural human feeling the need to harm, hurt, kill or the desire to love and want to be loved? Turning the media and the way that Americans view, understand and accept violence is the root of this problem (add videogames and virtual reality to the mix as the Internet is open, uncensored and many parents do not take the time to know what their kids are really looking at on their touch screens). It is not perfect in Europe either, especially with regards to the touchscreens and internet that is uncensored for the kids and parents that do not pay attention, but from a psyche perspective I see daily that Europeans are much more disgusted by violence and unwilling to accept it. I am sure that this is also due to the memory of the terrible violence that happened here during WWI and WWII. Most people here in central Europe experienced first hand or had a parent or grandparent that was directly impacted by the terrible violence during those wars. Europeans are still sensitised to violence and it’s negative impact. But an old expression still says it best and is the way forward – it will help more than any law or regulation if we all just do it…. Make love, not war! …..problem solved!!

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