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on ice is nice

on ice is nice

I hate walking on ice, but falling is worse. When your elbow, or knee or bum or face hit the ice from standing height you remember the experience vividly and take conscious efforts to prevent it happening again.

Here in Scotland we seem to get more than our share of ice during the winter. An inch of snow on one day is quickly packed down by tramping feet, then re-frozen over night to create sheets of the stuff over the pavement and streets…very dangerous.

So, this year I treated myself to a pair of rubber, snow shoes with metal cleats that slip on over your regular shoes. They’re not quite as dramatic as the kind this mountain climber is using, but the principle is the same.

I am amazed at how effective they are. I can walk across ice and snow with the same confidence I walk on dry pavement. When wearing them it’s actually more comfortable to walk on the ice than the tarmac or concrete. You’ve probably seen the things before and wondered if they’re worth the money. Trust me, they are. I got mine on sale at Maplin for £10, much cheaper than buying a new pair of boots.

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