From an Ungrateful Child

Dear Driver,

Please don’t stop for me.

When you see me crossing the road on my way to school or to the shops just keep moving. I realize you’re trying to be kind by waving me across the street, but you’re really just putting us both in danger.

First, other drivers might not notice that you’ve stopped and crash into your car. You’re also holding up the flow of traffic behind you.

But worse, you make it more dangerous for me by creating a false sense of security. In Primary School I am taught many valuable lessons about how to cross the road safely. I know to look both ways, wait for the little green man and to make sure all the cars have passed. But, when you stop for me, it feels like you’ve done the work for me. I don’t bother to look for other cars or follow any of the other safety rules.

It’s especially dangerous when there are two lanes. When you stop in one lane with your friendly smile I cannot see the person coming up behind you in the other lane, nor can they see me. And because I trust you, I don’t bother to check the second lane. Lots of kids get hit and killed every year this way, just because you’re trying to be nice, which is really not that nice after all.

So, please let me decide when I’m going to cross the road, and don’t get cross if I don’t cross when you tell me to.

Please don’t be so nice to me.

Yours sincerely,

An Ungrateful Child

Addressed to the Editor of the Hamilton Advertiser

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One Response to From an Ungrateful Child

  1. Robert carswell says:

    This is a very serious message. We had a friend in Lake Jackson whose little daughter was hit by a car in the outside lane which didn’t see her when a car in the inside lane stopped to let her cross. She was dragged by the car several feet and had a badly broken arm. I’m not sure what the long term result of that was but she was lucky it was no worse. Yours is an excellent public service message. Hope many people see it and instruct their children appropriately.

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