Pilate in All of Us

This prayer was used for a Community Holy Week Service. It is based on Matthew 27:11-26

Fickle we are O LORD, proclaiming one day your high praise, and the next our vile curses. From the same mouth flow blessings and curses, our duplicity putting the lie to the first and adding betrayal to the last.

Have mercy upon us, for like Pilate, we have striven in vain to wash the blood from our hands, guilty we are, from our first breath to our last. With word and deed we shout, “Crucify! Let his blood be upon us and upon our children.” We would rather see a man flogged than admit the depths of our own depravity.

And yet not in spite of our malice, but by means of it, we are saved with his cruel death. In hatred we cry out for his blood, and in love we receive it; life for life, exchanged on the cross of Calvary. By his death we have life, a holy mystery.

Silence now, the clamouring voices that torment us that we may be restored, dressed and put in our right minds; transformed.

Make of us worthy children who gladly cast aside the rags of the pig herd, exchanging them with awe and wonder, for the garments of praise, woven with golden thread like the priestly vestments of Aaron.

Let your people praise…AMEN

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