New Car Smell

There’s something about that new car smell that makes you feel good. I don’t know what it is exactly: new plastic and upholstery, fresh oil and machinery, untried rubber or some combination of all of them. New car smell is so compelling that it is available for sale, as if it were a rare and precious ointment.

Of course it’s not, but it is nonetheless desirable for the owners of those cars for which the new car smell is long gone.

We’ve got a new car smell right now, but it’s a new used car smell, which is to say it’s not a new car smell at all, just a new odour in our lexicon of scents. It’s not a bad smell mind you, but one fallen from the grace of newness.

We had it valeted yesterday, the carpets and upholstery shampooed and deodorized to within an inch of its life. It’s sodden throughout and now smells like wet dog. Honestly, it smells just like our dog, fresh from the bath with a lingering chemical pong; again, not a particularly offensive odour, but much better than that of stale smoke and former person. It was a smoker’s car, but wasn’t so bad as to prevent the sale, which surprised me because Lisa is usually very particular about such things (we’ve walked away from allegedly non-smoking hotel rooms that have a lingering smoky residue).

I’m hoping the new car smell we end up with is not a permanent wet dog smell.

The trouble is in this cool, wet climate the thing could take several days to dry. The guy said, “Monday,” three days, but with the sky filled with clouds I’m guessing it could be a bit longer. What we need is a good sunny Texas day with temps over 80 F…don’t think we’ll get that any time soon.

We’re otherwise very happy with the car. We’ve been looking for a “runabout” that sips gas instead of gulping it the way our eight passenger van does. We also wanted a manual transmission for Isaac to learn on. Our hope is the thing will last through the learning experiences of the next several children.

The thing really is a cherry. It’s nine years old, but has only 37,000 miles, one owner, no collisions, no finance holdover, no rust spots, no nasties inside either. I found it this week on the Internet, a local seller who has his own small business moving used cars. We’ve looked many times before, but these things pop up like mushrooms; the good ones are quickly snapped up, so we snapped this one.

As it stands, we’ve got our new car and hope to begin saving soon. Isaac is putting it through its paces like any shuddering new driver and so far he’s done fairly well.

Anyway, we’re happy with the new (used) car smell that we’ve got. I just hope I don’t have to drive around in a wet dog much longer.

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2 Responses to New Car Smell

  1. Doug Swist says:

    While I was in London, there was a BBC report how cars are “clocked” meaning that their odometer mileage is reduced manually without disclosing this was done. Apparently there are several adds for “clocking services” in the local papers or on the internet. The Beeb report mentioned some government website that you can enter in the VIN number of th car and get the true mileage – if you car is old enough. I guess it is a UK law that you have to register your car’s mileage ever year?
    Anyway, it does look like a very nice car. Just wanted to pass along this information just in case you wanted to research the car.

    • revcarswell says:

      I hope we haven’t been “clocked” on this one. It’s developed a shifting problem that is very common to these cars. Can’t get it into first or second and it’s going to cost me £150 to get it fixed, unless I’m willing to have a go myself…not sure I want to get my hands dirty 😦

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