Mail Pickup

This post is the third in a series of articles I like to think of as “Insignificant but not Inconsequential Things I Miss about America.”

I miss mail pick up. Don’t get me wrong, the postal system is outstanding here in the UK and it’s not unusual to have letters delivered that were mailed only the day before.

But, to get it delivered you’ve got to walk to the postal box. In the States it’s much easier because the mailman not only delivers mail, s/he also picks it up. We used to clip our outgoing mail to the flap on the postal slot and the mailman faithfully picked it up with each day’s delivery.

Early on I tried it over here and it didn’t work. My poor letters were still there at the end of the day when Uncle John informed me that if I wanted mail delivered I had to do the first bit myself and take it down the street to the red box next to the wall.

We’re fortunate, though not as fortunate as some, in that our postal box is a short walk down the street. I can be there and back in about three minutes. Sometimes, when the mail has languished three days waiting for its three minute journey I realize I’ve either been too busy or too lazy to mail them. I have unconsciously decided that the recipient can wait a bit longer while I plant my butt firmly on the couch.

I suppose that may be one reason American butts are larger than Scottish butts, and that is one thing I don’t miss, at all.

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One Response to Mail Pickup

  1. CN says:

    Lucky you! They took our postbox away – because it was always full.

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