Spongebob Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar

Christmas brings out the weirdness in all of us.

I was at the PoundShop last night with Jessie when I noticed that old familiar face looking back at me, only this time he was oddly juxtaposed on an Advent calendar, at least what purported to be an Advent Calendar.

Someone figured out how to combine the best of the season: Spongebob and milk chocolate, and pitch it to the unwary faithful still trying desperately to find something meaningful to share with their children during the mad, mad rush leading up to Christmas.

What Spongebob has to say about Advent I can only imagine. Why didn’t they call it a Spongebob Christmas calendar? Does Spongebob really have anything intelligible to say about the birth of the Son of Man? Does Spongebob have anything intelligible to say about anything?

If he did, then he wouldn’t be the boy he is. Spongebob thrives on the meaningless and without it, he simply wouldn’t be.

Thinking back I wish I would have bought one of them. After all, the kids love Spongebob, and who doesn’t like milk chocolate? But, somehow I think Christ is going to be overshadowed in the deal here. How on earth could he compete with Spongebob and milk chocolate? At the very least he will come up meaningless, guilty by association.

Lord, save us from Spongebob.

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