Winter Wear

I wonder what our new lives will be like?

With snow on the ground for nearly a week and no signs of a warm-up in the near future we Scots are going to have to get used to living with the cold. It’s dreadful to think of it being like this for the whole winter and most life residents tell me that it always changes and I needn’t worry. But I’ve got this little feeling that it’s going to be much like last year when the snow lay for weeks on end.

There have been many cancellations this week at churches, schools and community activities and quite rightly so. The main streets are clear and easily travelled, but there are many, many side roads that remain treacherous. But, can we go on cancelling things indefinitely? Or, must we somehow learn to carry on in spite of the cold and snow?

My own children have made few concessions to the cold and, while I am wrapped in wooly garments of every description they insist on wearing things that would leave me feeling cold in weather far warmer than this.

“Why don’t you put on some tights, or a warm jumper or your heavy coat?” we say with exasperation as they head out the door for the walk to school.”

They look at us like we are just too old and won’t understand.

“I’m not cold,” they insist, when what they mean is, “I’m not cool,” as in, “Puffy clothes just don’t suit my image.”

Apparently blue lips and chattering teeth are in this year.

They say that sweaters are what children wear when their parents are cold, and I’m beginning to feel there is some truth in that proverb. They certainly don’t opt to wear them on their own.

I throw up my hands and tell them it’s their body and they’ve got to make their own choices, which I’m told they will do one way or another.

I think I’ll add shorts and t-shirts to their Christmas list.

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