Lollipop People

To the Editor of the Hamilton Advertiser,

You can’t miss them. They are like bright yellow lights, dotted across the city, standing guard over our schools to protect our most precious ones.

They’re the lollipop people and I just wanted to express my gratitude for their “ministry.”

Most of them do the job for many years and so develop friendships with the parents, but they take a special joy watching the kids grow up.

Our guy for Woodside Primary at the corner of Silverton Hill boasts he’s been doing the work for 15 years and has seen two classes rise from P1 through P7.

He loves the job and is there twice a day through rain, shine, sleet or snow. He treats us all like his weans and won’t let anyone cross the street (including parents) without his aid.

We don’t often think about it, but it’s a dangerous job. He told me smiling, “I’ve been almost hit five different times. Some people just don’t want to stop.”

So, let’s give them a “brake” and say thanks the next time we see them.


A Grateful parent

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