Specks and Logs

O gracious God, forgive us for we have all too easily forgotten that we are children of grace who live beneath the wings of your mercy and your promise. We have acted like we live under an unkind and unforgiving law and we treat others in the same way.

We set unreasonable standards for their behaviour and criticize and judge and complain about others. We notice the speck in their eye, all the while ignoring the log in our own eye. We are stingy and miserly in our hearts.

Forgive us and remind us that just as you have forgiven us, so we are to forgive others. Just as you have filled us with life, so we ought to do the same for others, filling them with your life by sharing our joy in what you have done and in whom you are.

Show us the way to a more perfect community by changing first the man or the woman in the mirror. Transform us that we might be transformed, leaving the old behind so that we might revel in the new.


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