Prayer for Haiti

Gracious Lord, our mind is turned once again to those who have suffered unimaginable horrors as a result of a natural disaster.

Thousands died instantly, thousands more died in the hours afterwards, and thousands now risk suffering a slow and painful death.

We cannot begin to imagine their suffering.

But, we know that you can, for you are a God who suffers with those who suffer. In the cross you experienced the full depth of human pain. You know what it is like to linger in agony; you know what it is like to be helpless in the face of events beyond your control. And we know God that you are in Haiti, even now, with the living and with the dead.

And so we pray that your mercy would cover that island. We pray for those who have died, that you would receive them into your kingdom as your very children.

We pray for those who grieve the terrible loss not only of their homes and livelihood, but their loved ones and friends.

We pray for those who remain in a state of shock, for those who are afraid to lie under a roof and for those who have lost all hope.

We pray for those who are sick or broken, that they would be healed both physically and mentally.

We pray for the doctors and nurses who labour almost in vain to bring aid to the needy.

And, we pray for those who are lost and for those who seek them out. We pray for reunion among the living, and for closure with those who find their loved ones dead. While they may be denied the chance to say good-bye, grant to them the peace that comes with the end of a difficult search.

We pray also for those who long to serve and to bring aid, but whose efforts have been frustrated by circumstance and by the damage caused by the earthquake. Never, it seems, has the goodwill of so many, been lost to those who need it most.

We pray for open doors, open shipping channels and open airstrips.

We pray for the island of Haiti which seems all but lost. We pray that you would bring a stable government and a return of their wasted resources. We pray that you would bring order to the chaos that has engulfed that nation for 200 years. We pray that you would bring your healing mercy to what seems in our eyes, a forsaken people in a forsaken land.

Finally Lord, I pray for two drunken young ladies carousing past my bedroom window at 4 AM this morning. Redeem them, save them for a better life.

We pray as Jesus taught us, “Our Father…”

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