I don’t usually give movie recommendations, but you’ve got to see this one.

Movies are a roll of the dice these days: too simplistic, insipid, dull, depressing, dark, gratuitously violent or sexual, etc.

But, this one caught me off gaurd. I took the boys to see it in 3D. Two quick hours and forty minutes later I was a new fan. IMHO this is the Star Wars of this generation. I’ve never paid to see a movie twice, but I’m going to see this one again, soon.

It really is that different, and that good.

Check out the trailer at Avatar

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One Response to Avatar

  1. I agree about Avatar being the Star Wars of this generation. Aidan and Doug have both seen it twice, and I'm probably going to go again and take Claren. I figure she needs to see it on the big screen in 3D like I can remember seeing Star Wars as a child. Aidan and I saw a show on TV about how it was made–impressive technology.

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