What’s Wrong With These People?

Another suicide blast, this one in Mogadishu, Somalia.

It took place at a medical school graduation ceremony. Three government ministers and 19 new doctors were killed.

It defies the imagination that such an act could in any way be described as “good.”

Even supposing that the current Somalian government is irredeemably corrupt and deserves every effort to bring it down, how could anyone destroy 19 of their nation’s best and brightest and feel as if they’ve accomplished something worthwhile?

Why can’t these people blow themselves up in an open field somewhere? They could invite the press to photograph their grisly death from behind the safety of a blast proof embankment.

“Mr. X of the ACME terror group believes the government is rubbish,” KABOOM!

Instead they choose a Mosque or a school or a market.

I tell you, these acts have their origin in the Pit of hell. Those who commit them have been so utterly and completely deceived that for them, night is day and darkness light. They are lost in the deepest sense of the word.

And so we pray, “How long, O LORD will you delay in coming? When will you establish justice on the earth? When will you redeem your children? When will the wicked be punished and the righteous saved?”

How long, indeed?

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