Praying for Rain

In this, the wettest month in anyone’s recollection it might seem odd to ask for more rain.

Let me explain.

This past Texas summer was the hottest anyone can remember. My mother shared with me that Texans were on their way to beating the record for the most number of days 100°F or over. At the time they were at 68. Now, that’s hot, really hot.

A month later I asked her how they were doing on their “hottest summer.”

“We stopped at 68 days. The record was 69.”

I said, “You got robbed! All you needed was two more days; you didn’t even tie the old record!”

I’m not sure how many people were really disappointed not to “win.”

Meteorologists here in Scotland have been excited recently that this has been the “wettest November on record.” In the same breath they say, “a couple more days of rain will make this the wettest month on record.”

Wouldn’t that be something? We could print T-shirts saying, “I survived the wettest month on record!”

But, it’s stopped raining. The last few days have been dry and now, with only two days left in the month (I write Sunday morning the 29th) it looks sunny again.

I suppose those who live south of the border and who’ve seen their homes inundated with water may feel as if they’ve earned enough bragging rights to ask the Lord to stop the rain. But, in spite of the fact that the Clyde and Avon Rivers are both looking very wet, they remain well within the “flood zones” and are no threat to the homes built along higher ground.

So, I may have to content myself with boasting about the wettest November on record; I can add it to my list, having already survived the wettest August last year.

But, someone said 2009 may soon be the wettest year on record. Now that’s exciting! I’m afraid I may be pelted with rocks and garbage if I ask for more rain here in Scotland, so I won’t do it. But, if it’s going to keep raining, let’s hope we have something to show for it. Saying “I survived one of the wettest years on record,” just doesn’t sound as good.

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