I was in the home of one of our members recently and walking through the kitchen I noticed on the table the usual assortment of condiments: salt and pepper, ketchup, Worcester sauce, Brown Sauce (a Scots favourite), and a bottle of Drambuie.

For those who may not know, Drambuie (dram-BYOO-ee) is an after dinner tipple comprised of whisky, honey and a variety of secret spices, quite tasty stuff.

I assumed my friend enjoyed a sip after his evening meal and thought his habit quite civilized. However, I couldn’t resist the urge to tease him a bit.

“You like Drambuie with your dinner?”

“Oh, aye. That’s for the haggis.” (Yes, Scots really do eat haggis!)

“That’s for the haggis?”

“Aye, we had potatoes, turnips and haggis last night (neeps and tatties); a little Drambuie poured over the haggis really brings out the flavour.”

“You’re joking!”

“No, you should try it sometime. I think you’d like it.”

Later I brought up the subject with a few other connoisseurs, expecting a reaction similar to mine.

“Oh no, whisky is very nice over haggis. In fact, if you go to a Burns’ Supper you’ll very often find a tiny bottle of whisky at the table just for that purpose.”

I don’t need many excuses to have a wee dram and I have developed a taste for haggis. Next time I’ll try the two together!

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