School Prayer

O God, we pray this morning for those who will tomorrow begin another school year. We pray for the children that they may journey to and from school in safety and with a glad willingness to give themselves to their own education.

We pray for the teachers who are called to bring their lessons with fresh creativity and renewed energy. We pray that they would be strengthened to give of themselves day to day so that the next generation would be raised in power.

We pray for administrators and helpers of every kind that they too would be able to give with love and patience, energy and creative, with a careful eye and a sensitive heart to those most in need.

We pray for parents that they would be supportive of their schools. We pray that they would see themselves as indispensable partners in the educational process and, that they would see those who teach their children as allies and not as enemies.

We pray for those who go to school and teach and work in dangerous places and in hostile environments. We pray for their safety and for the light of knowledge to penetrate the darkest ignorance.

In short, we pray for a successful school year that glorifies you and strengthens our community in ways too numerous to mention or to understand.

And, we pray all this as Jesus taught us, “Our Father…”

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