Cumbrae Challenge

Saturday found me and my three elder sons on the Great Cumbrae Island for the “Cumbrae Challenge,” an annual walk/bike/run around the island to benefit Christian Aid.

It was a short one hour’s drive to the coast. We passed through Glasgow on the M8 and were soon afterwards rolling in some of Scotland’s bucolic settings: green hills, narrow roads, pastureland and more sheep than we could think about counting.

We found the coast in the little city of Largs, pulled two bikes out of the back of the van and loaded on to the little ferry to take us to the island. It was a cold journey across the bay, but on the island we all quite happily began our trek. Isaac and Benjamin had the bikes and soon left David and me behind to walk the road together.

I love the coast and the smell of seaweed and salt spray. David quickly discovered many of the surprises left on the shores by low tide and was soon shouting, “Dad, come see this. It’s a sea anemone!”

Initially we’d set out to walk three miles, but I think we ended up doing about seven. We made it to Millport, on the other side of the island, where we picked up a bus that took us back to the ferry point.

It was there we met Isaac and Ben, who finished a complete loop of the island in about an hour.

“We’ve been waiting here for two hours!”

“Great, well, I’m glad to see you!” They weren’t really complaining.

Back on the mainland we all enjoyed two scoops of Nardini’s homemade ice cream, yum!

Check out some of the pics from the day.

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One Response to Cumbrae Challenge

  1. Alan N says:

    Walking all 11 miles next year John?

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