CPMCF, 30-5-09

The second meeting of the Cadzow Parish Men’s Climbing Fellowship (CPMCF) took place this past Saturday at the little hill known affectionately as Tinto.

Tinto is a modest, local climb and so many of the children and several Cadzow Mums were invited as guests for the day. And what a glorious day it was with temps in the mid to upper 70’s and not a cloud in the sky. We had an excellent turnout; 29 souls climbed the hill with us. David and Sandy, of New Wellwynd joined us for the outing.

“Be sure to use lots of sunscreen, you can really get sunburned when you’re climbing.” I was warned.

But, as I was liberally smearing the goo across my nose and ears one of my climbing companions suggested, “This is Scotland, it could be raining at the top!” implying that sunscreen was for lightweights unaccustomed to the outdoor lifestyle. My neck, arms and the backs of my legs are still on fire three days later. Who’d have thought you could get sunburned in Scotland!

The climb was fairly unremarkable and the pace leisurely allowing plenty of time for banter and for gobbling up the stores of goodies we all lugged on our backs.

After one of the breaks, daughter Jessie happened to leave her backpack behind, so it fell to me to carry it to the next weigh station. It was heavy, even for me. I realized we should have done a “shake down” before we left, but we were a bit distracted at the time. When I opened her bag to find out what was in there I found her favourite wellies (rubber boots) tucked in with her waterproof jacket and extra jumper (sweater).

She’d asked me if she could bring them before we left the house. I tried, and apparently failed to discourage her. So, I lugged the boots, at least a bit farther. But, in time I decided to ditch them and left them by the side of trail to be picked up on our descent. Someone else must have had the same idea because they were gone when we came back. I guess there must have been another climber (jerk) who decided he needed a child’s pair of flowery rubber boots for himself. I owe my girl a new pair.

Climbing with us was a wee dug, a Westie as they’re known in these parts. He was wearing a collar and seemed to know his way. At the top, son Benjamin made sure the dog was fed, offering him one of the family’s ham sandwiches. I suspect the dog has climbed the hill more than once, knowing all too well there is generally food at the top.

At the top, climber Douglas called his favourite Indian restaurant and ordered a curry for hilltop delivery. We’re still waiting on the delivery.

Everyone returned feeling quite happy with themselves, warmed and nicely exerted from the day’s efforts. The passengers (and at least one of the drivers) were able to nap on the way home.

Back at the manse we were loathe to part with one another and so the men continued the day with refreshments at one of our local public houses here in Hamilton. The ladies were refreshed at the house, while the children scampered about in the back garden (back yard). Three hours later the men returned, quite refreshed indeed.

Business conducted over refreshments resulted in the decision for next month’s climb: Ben Lomond.

Until then, blessings on you and all your outdoor expeditions.

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One Response to CPMCF, 30-5-09

  1. douglas says:

    it was a gr8 daynd the curry still hasen't come!!!!

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