Prayer for Economic Justice

O God, you are a God of justice and a God who hears the prayers of your saints. You hear our cries for mercy, you hear our cries for justice, you hear our quiet weeping in+
the night pleading for your attention, your power and your provision.

O God, you are a God who is for the weak, the weary, the downtrodden. You are a God who is tender to the widow and the orphan and the stranger, you are a God who favours the poor.

So we pray to you this morning for economic justice. In particular we pray for the leaders of the world who have gathered to solve the world’s financial problems.

It is not a new gathering, it has happened before, but we pray for a new result. We pray for world of economic justice.

O God, you own the cattle on a thousand hillsides for the earth is the Lord’s, the world and everything in it. All the gold, all the real estate, all the industry, all the people, and even all the breath we breathe. You own us for we are the products of your hands.

And, you have provided enough for the world to eat and to live in dignity without being deprived of what is most essential for happy living.

You have provided enough for everyone but have provided unequally. Some have more, much more than others. And we here in Britain and America and Western Europe have amassed the wealth of the world. We are so rich that even our poor live as kings compared to the rest of the world.

And sadly, we hold our money tightly and we ignore the cries of the needy, and our leaders strive to protect our interests and therein lies injustice.

And so we pray first a prayer of thanksgiving for your generosity and we ask that you remind us that You are the source of that wealth and privilege.

Secondly, we pray your forgiveness for our greed and for our selfishness.

Thirdly, we pray for a liberal and generous spirit, for an open heart and for open hands.

Fourthly we pray for humility to give without patronizing those who receive.

And lastly, we pray, “Your Kingdom come and your will be done, that everything done on earth would be done as it is in heaven.”

We pray as Jesus taught us, “Our Father…”

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