I don’t know why they call them viruses; perhaps because they are so pernicious and so resistant to treatment.

I’ve got a virus on my old computer. My handy anti-viral defense program has isolated the thing, but it’s still there, and it is making a mess of my internet access. Every search is redirected to another site, generally an advertising sight. Once I clicked a search and ended up in a loop that kept generating new tabs on the page. I must have had twenty tabs opened before I was able to shut the thing down.

So, I’ve become a bit reluctant about transferring too much data from the old computer to the new one. I know I’ve been moaning about the “transfer wire” but, as Providence would have it, the thing didn’t work and may have saved me the headache of transferring a nasty virus to my new ware.

Viruses don’t create themselves. Contrary to the machinations of cyber-evolutionists, viruses are created, generally by a malevolent being somewhat more complex than their creations. And, they are nearly always destructive. I have never heard of a virus designed to expand your memory, or retrieve lost files, or enable your computer to perform faster than before. Viruses create disorder where order once existed.

I remember hearing a US Senator comment on the complaints of a colleague who seemed bent on tearing apart any new legislation that came his way.

He said, “Any jackass can tear the barn down, but it takes a real craftsman to build it in the first place.”

God creates, from nothing. And, when it seems that God is destroying, and there are times when it seems that God is indeed tearing something down, it is always to rebuild something better in our lives. God creates for the good, always for the good and, mercifully, our times are in his hands.

All too often I have returned to the scripture that says “all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes,” (Romans 8:28).

In God’s hands all things work together for good, even the stuff that seems horrendous at the time, even jackasses, even viruses. Mercifully, I haven’t encountered any jackasses here in Scotland, but I’ve still got this virus, no doubt created by someone who might fall under that description.

Thanks be to God that it will somehow work for good.

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