Secret’s Out

I had a secret, but now it’s out.

I told everyone and by now you may have heard.

I’ve been sitting on it for two months and I’m glad it’s out. I don’t like keeping secrets, I want people to know.

So I told everyone and now you too.

I know where I’m going and I’ll be leaving soon.

No, we’re not having a baby. We’re not buying a new ca, nothing quite so dramatic as that.

But, we’re moving, not very far, but we’re moving.

I’ve got a new church. By a miracle of His grace I’ve got a new church.

I told you that already, but just couldn’t say where.

Now you know what I know and everyone shares my joy.

I’m quite chuffed with it, really quite pleased.

I haven’t signed the deed yet, that part still remains.

But, soon we’ll be moving to Hamilton, to a new church and to a big old house with a big garden (yard).

They’re ready for me and I’m ready for them, we’re going to have fun.

So, I want to invite you to come sometime so we can have fun too.

If you want a preview you can go to…

Cadzow Parish Church

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2 Responses to Secret’s Out

  1. Karen McLean says:

    Hi , my family and I are members of the Cadzow congregation and we heard about you for the first time yesterday. We are really looking forward to meeting you, Lisa and the kids and can assure you that you will all be made to feel very welcome. See you on Feb 8th! Karen.

  2. Doug Swist says:

    Looks great John! Best of luck to you and the family! Maybe now there can be a few rugby matches in the garden.

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