Bible Study

I needed a bible study.

I needed a bible study, but I didn’t want to go. It was another night out in an already too busy season. But, I needed a reminder of what we are about in this season. I needed the fellowship and encouragement of sharing with my brethren in the faith. And I needed to be there as a participant, not a leader.

I’ve got to confess that the Christmas season always leaves me feeling drained and a bit depressed. At the end of a month’s buildup I find it hard to rouse myself to the excitement of the “big day,” and often find myself snappish and sarcastic.

And so I went and, with the first prayer, found that elusive peace descending upon me like a dove. The minister’s voice was slow and quiet, his words thoughtful, rich in meaning. We prayed together, all of our heads bowed as one.

And, together we reviewed the texts at the heart of the season: Isaiah, Luke, Matthew. And the over-familiar words were made fresh in my ears.

I love the serendipity of a good bible study, when each voice creates a new tangent to your own understanding, and the Word takes on new life.

And Christ is born in our hearts, AMEN.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wonderful and to the point. FM

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