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I was out in the rain again yesterday. It’s not hard to do. Anytime you are outside for any reason at any time of the day you could be out in the rain. Even if it’s sunny, not a cloud in the sky and even if its been that way for that last eight hours of the day in five minutes you could be caught out in the rain.

Locals say, “Never leave the house without a brolly,” (umbrella). They know. They’ve been caught out in the rain unprepared before.

The thing about the rain here is that life goes with or without it. Things don’t stop just because it’s raining and, most times, no one seems to notice. When it gets a bit heavier someone may say, “It’s raining,” or “Here’s the rain again.” They’d say the same thing about the sun coming up. “There it is again.” No emotion or angst, just a statement of fact.

It was the football pitch again yesterday in my official capacity as Chaplain of Rochsolloch primary school during their monthly football tourney with kids from other local schools.

As many rainy days often do, this one started out with clear skies and sunshine. However, within an hour black clouds loomed overhear and the drops began to fall.

No one said anything.

When the drops began to fall faster the female teacher urged the kids to put on their nylon outwear.

“Don’t bother,” said the crusty school janitor (The Jani) who’d been assigned to the outing. “This is football. You just keep playing.”

It was just rain after all. But, it kept coming and soon it was really pouring. There’s a range of vocabulary Scots use to describe rain, like Eskimos who have many words to describe various kinds of snow. They are experts because it is so common place.

“It’s bucketing!”

“It’s coming down in stair rods.”

“Now that was a thunder plump!”

Endearing phrases all.

Soon we were getting wet. It wasn’t just the drops, it was the wind blowing the rain in at a 30◦ the made it impossible to keep your trousers dry.

We didn’t leave until the teams had finished up all the scheduled matches.

“If you wait for a nice day you’ll never go out,” is a common expression.

OK, already, I get it!

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