It’s amazing how quickly our mind adapts to a new “normal.” Over the last two weeks I’ve become quite accustomed to hearing a Scottish accent, everywhere I go! I’m getting used to seeing rain nearly every day and watching for cars on the wrong side of the road. It seems normal for a young man to “hire a kilt” for a wedding much as we “rent a tux” in the states.

But, I was struck last night at just how much I have “crossed over.” I was looking at some pictures we had taken before we left on the photographer’s website. On the home page were a number of pictures he’d taken for other clients, among them a young girl smiling proudly beneath a cowboy hat and families posed in summer clothes by a big live oak. Images of old wagon wheels and worn out barns were everywhere.

Did I ever really live in this kind of world? The images seemed so unbelievable to me

They always say you can never go home again. Home changes, you change, the world moves on. I just had no idea it would happen this so quickly.

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