Aye Phone

For several years now I have lusted after my brother-in-law’s iPhone. George showed it to me when it was new and I was instantly awed by it. I wanted one then and I want one now.

Recently Apple has come out with a new model, half the price of the old one. How convenient that it should become available just when I will need a new one!

“You know, Lisa. I’m going to need a cell phone when I get to Scotland.”

I carefully warmed her to the idea of the iPhone. “I mean, I want to be able to call you when I get there.”

“Yes, do you think the phone you have now will work over there?”

I knew I’d have to come up with an answer for that. “Well you remember the guy at Verizon. He told us our phone was “locked” and probably wouldn’t work in Europe.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

First hurdle overcome.

Two weeks later, “You know I’ve been thinking about this cell phone question and, you know how much I used my PDA when I was working.”


“Well it would be really useful to have a calendar I could look at when I needed it.”


“And pictures; you’re keeping the digital camera here aren’t you? It would be awfully nice to be able to send you pictures of Scotland.”

“Yeah, that would be great. You’re definitely going to need a camera.”

I was really making progress now. “Did you know that Apple has a new iPhone?”


“Yeah, it’s half the price of the one George bought two years ago.”

“Really, what does it do?”

Here was my chance, “Everything. The experts say it sets the bar for new cell phone technology, everything’s going to be based around it.”

“Does it have a camera?” she asked.

I knew the scale was tipping. “I think so, I’ll check.”
Two minutes later I had it in the bag. “Yup, it’s got a two megapixel camera built right in.”


You know when you’re wife says, ‘cool’ she’s on the same wave length.

It was now or never. “I’d really like to get one when I get to Scotland.”

“Well, look it up on the internet and see how much it costs over there.”


Now that I’ve arrived the search has begun in earnest. I spent the first couple days gathering information. A guy at the gas station explained some of the possibilities to me closing with an ominous warning.

“It’s a minefield out there trying to choose the right phone.”

I knew which phone I wanted. It was just a matter of finding it.

In the midst of my research my Aunt Margaret said to me with genuine wonderment, “Why can’t you just use the telephone?”

I was dumbstruck. I’d taken it for granted for so long that a cell phone, or a mobile (MO-bile) as they call it over here, was essential, like having enough underwear. But, the more I pondered her question the more sense it began to make.

What really cooled my jets was the realization that I only know about six people here in Scotland.

“You know,” I said to my Uncle who’d also been caught up in my enthusiasm for things new, “If all six of my friends called me on the same day while I was out shopping I might be able to justify a new cell phone. But, barring that possibility I might just manage with the telephone for a while.”

He hated the argument as much as I did. It was convincing. He gets about three calls a month and worse, his old phone works just fine.

“But, it’s a brick compared to these new ones!” he cried.

“I know, I know” I said commiserating.

Maybe someday I’ll be cool like George, but not for a while yet.

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One Response to Aye Phone

  1. Juanito – reminded me of the first ‘apple’ it too was pleasing to the eye.:) Glad that you resisted – that’s one more out there for the rest of us. 🙂

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