Hard Guts

When you’re working out you want people to notice. You want people to comment on your health and physique. However, within the family bodily changes are often imperceptible day to day. So, even though you feel as if you look better, there’s every possibility no one else will notice or say anything.

So, the other day I was pleased to receive comment from my eldest daughter. The children and I frequently enjoy a good wrestling match, sometimes with my consent, other times without. Yesterday’s was of the latter kind. I was sitting at the computer when they pounced. It was a melee that developed gradually, one by they added their girth to the pile in hopes of taking me to the floor.

I was not interested and did not respond in kind. But, the effort required my exertion.

Elisabeth grabbed me around the waist and said, “You have hard guts, Daddy.”

“Thanks, I work at it!”

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