Indian Jones

Johnny calls him “Indian Jones.” The rest of us know him as “Indiana.” It’s a strange name when you think about it. But, old Indian makes a pretty good movie. The kids borrowed one from their friend yesterday: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Benjamin looks at it and asks me, “Dad, is this the last one?”

“Well, they did call it The Last Crusade. That suggests some finality to me.” Some things never die and I think Benjamin was hoping his friend had given him a copy of the newest Indiana Jones movie.

It was late Saturday night when they got it and it was all I could do to keep them from rushing home to watch it that night.

“No, not tonight, you can see it tomorrow after church. Now go to bed!”

Movies take the kids by the throat these days. They can’t get enough of them and being forced to wait is tough business. So, when the appointed hour arrived this afternoon and Isaac was not yet home they had a real problem on their hands. The rule is everyone has to be home before you start a movie. But, Isaac was with me in Vernon where I preached this morning. It would be an hour before he got home. Make that two because our friends had invited us to lunch.

“Dad, can we watch the movie?” Benjamin asked, his breath palpitating over the phone.

“It’s fine with me, but you need to ask Isaac. He wanted to see it too.”

He took the phone and said authoritatively, as only an oldest child can do, “NO, don’t turn it on yet. I’ll be home by 2 o’clock.”

On our way home at 1:45 the phone rang again. It was Benjamin with the same question for Isaac. “NO, now stop calling!”

Thanks be to God we made it home on time and no one got hurt waiting for us.

Everyone liked the movie, except Johnny, who slept through most of it. I guess he’ll have to wait for the real Last Crusade to see Indian again.

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