Boy Goggles

“Daddy, I need new goggles.” It’s a summer litany.

I hear it at the beginning of every summer, usually from more than one child. When the swim season begins the kids start digging out their swim supplies and that includes the all important eye-wear: swim goggles.

Goggles were a luxury when I was growing up. We just went home from the pool every day with two little cherries where our eyes used to be. We complained about how much they hurt, but no one listened to us.

Goggles are plentiful these days and we’ve learned that some last longer than others. We’re better off paying the extra dollar for a decent pair than having to go back mid-summer for a second cheap pair. Cheap goggles need constant adjusting. They are either too tight or too loose or too something.

“They’re just not doing right Daddy,” one or more of them will stand before me expecting me to “fix it” somehow.

Jessie’s current pair is a case in point. They’re not the cheap kind, but they still need adjusting. The straps just don’t hold, so at least once every swimming session I am tightening up her goggles.

“Thanks Daddy,” she says as she jumps back into the water.

It was Jessie who started complaining earlier in the week about the need for a new pair. I had adjusted them so many times that I was willing to find something of Olympic quality if she’d just leave me alone.

Mommy heard the need as well and came back from a shopping trip with a new pair. “These are supposed to be easy to adjust. You just push this button and the straps come loose instead of having to mess with all the little buckles.”

I was elated until our next trip to the pool. Jessie was trying to adjust the old pair.

“Jessie, where are those new goggles Mommy bought for you?”

“Well, I didn’t like the color. They look like boy goggles.”

I swore I would never help her adjust her goggles ever again.

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