Jack’s Pool

I’m Jack’s pool boy. Jack lives two doors down and whenever he goes out of town I take care of his pool. We started this arrangement about three summers ago and it’s worked out pretty well, especially when Jack offered us the use of the pool.

“Hey, you guys are welcome anytime.”

“Really, anytime?”

“Yeah, anytime you guys want to swim just come on over. I’ll give you the combination to the lock.”



So, when summer rolls around each year we show up every afternoon to swim. It’s great because it gets so beastly hot around here and the pool is the only way to beat it. We used to belong to a community pool, but we gave that up because Jack’s pool is so much better.

Sometimes when we go swimming Jack has other friends using the pool. We ask them if we’re crashing their party.

“No, come on in. Jack told us we could use the pool anytime.”

We’ve met some interesting people at Jack’s pool.

But, it’s the times when we have it to ourselves that we like it the best. We make memories at Jack’s pool and, with each passing summer those memories become more entrenched, more a part of the children’s growing up experience.

Now that the kids are out of school they start asking to go swimming at about 8:30 in the morning. It’s all I can do to hold them off until 3 PM when the sun-burning hours have passed. A day without a swim at Jack’s pool just isn’t a day.

The water was cold today which was O.K. because the sun was hot, at Jack’s pool.

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