Sewing Projects

“Boys, stop sewing and get into the shower!”

You have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re actually hearing your wife say that to your kids.

They’ve gone on another sewing jag and have been creating all kinds of pouches and sheaths and vests and accessories for their action figures. It’s primarily Benjamin, with David following closely behind. I don’t know where it comes from but they both sit there patiently cutting a stitching and trying things on and…

“Dad, look at this. How do you like my new vest?”

David had some hunks of fabric strung together, vinyl and flannel, that he was wearing proudly. It wouldn’t close in front and, in truth only stretched round him as far as his armpits.

“It looks great David. Did you make that yourself?”

He did. Later I found the pattern sketched out on a piece of paper on the kitchen floor.

Benjamin designed a little pouch he secures to his belt to carry his swimsuit over to his friend’s house. It really does look good, much better than previous efforts. He seems to be learning.

Long may it continue.

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