Lawn Boys

This is my 100th post since starting this blog a year ago!!! Can you believe it? I never knew you were so interested in my life! It’s sure been fun.

Isaac and Benjamin have been earning a little money lately. A friend of ours asked them to take care of the lawn when he was out of town and offered to pay them what I thought was a King’s ransom.

“Oh, man, that’s way too much money!” I said.

“No, I really want to do it. Besides, it’s a big lawn and I want them to cut the grass and trim the weeds and use the blower.”

He couldn’t be dissuaded, so I let him explain the drill to me. Once a week for the four weeks he’d be gone on military training.

Together they split the job: one pushing the lawn mower and the other running the weed-eater and the blower. After each effort I gave them their pay for which they were justifiably proud.

Today was their last and Benjamin’s money was starting to burn in his pocket.

“Dad, can we stop by the hobby store on the way home? I want to look at a model rocket.”

I had other plans for his money, namely spending money for his upcoming mission trip.

“Sure son, we can look.”

It wasn’t long before he realized the cost of the rocket was going to exceed his earnings by a considerable margin. He contented himself with saving it for something special in the future.

I have to say I was proud of them both, especially seeing them work together to get the job done. And, I was grateful to my friend for his generosity and trust in the boys.

“The lawn looks great,” he told me.

It’s nice when everyone wins.

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