Shut Up and Pray

The children have developed their own unique ways of leading worship each morning. Some months ago, in an effort to bring the congregation to attention for God’s Word, Benjamin shouted out, “Listen for the Word of God, you hypocrites!” I must confess that I’ve been tempted to use that one in the church sometime.

This morning, Jessie called us to prayer with these words, “Shut up and let’s pray!”

We all bowed our heads in humbled reverence.

In an effort to stimulate greater commitment to the process I told them this morning, “You guys are going to start leading our daily worship next week.”

“The whole thing?” they said with alarm.

“Yeah, you’ve seen me do it a bunch of times. You’re learning praise songs on your guitars and you’re supposed to be reading the bible as part of your daily assignments. Get together and choose some music and a scripture reading and you’ll be ready to go.”

We’ll see how it turns out. I told them I’d be happy to help if they wanted it. Although with their recent contributions to our liturgy it might be more interesting to let them do it themselves.

And may the Lord bless our humble efforts.

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