Technology and Suffering

Stone Mountain Park today, Atlanta, GA. We added another sticker to our “old folks RV map of the U.S. today” I have to say I’ve always wanted one of those things and am now proud to have one. It’s kind of like bragging rights around the campsite.

We spent the morning packing up and leaving Birmingham after four busy days there. On the way out we stopped in at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and saw all the history of Birmingham and it’s long and colored (no pun intended) struggle with racism. It’s hard to imagine that the horrors of those days were real, but there are just too many people around who saw it all happen. It hope it made an impact on the kids. I was especially grateful that at the end of it they had a number of stories from other oppressed peoples around the world, South Africa, El Salvadore, India, Iraq, etc. No shortage of human suffering and cruelty. No shortage of work to be done to liberate millions of suffering people. “Come, Lord Jesus.”

The technology aspect of this Big Adventure has been truly remarkable. Obviously we have a computer, but we also have web access thanks to a little card that goes into our computer. Now, anywhere we can get a cell phone call we can get internet at broadband speeds. Pretty neat. I’ve still got a cell phone as does Lisa, so we are immenently contactable. We also have an amazing assortment of wires and chargers and little power transformers to run all our stuff. I finally stuffed it all into a shoebox sized tupperware box. There’s like 20 different wires to run PDAs, phones, digital camera, printer, MP3 player, and other stuff I can’t even remember. Camping is most decidedly not what it used to be.

Is this good? Have we be become so addicted (dependent? in love with?) machines that we can’t life without them? Everyone knows how much trouble they can be when they break down, or don’t function right, but is it really necessary to have all this stuff with us? Who knows? For now though, it’s working. We’ll keep them until we decide to toss them all and join the “real campers” in the back country (don’t they make handheld computers and stuff? That would be cool to have. I’ll go online and see what I can find).

There’s lots to do in Atlanta, much of it right here in this park. Did you know that Stone Mountain is the biggest single piece of granite in the world? It’s really big!

The World of Coke awaits, but tomorrow we plan to check out the blacksmithing, candy making, candle making, antebellum plantation, whoop dee doo laser show and everything like that. All right here in 3200 acres of pristine Geoawwjah countryside.

Hope you folks is well back home.

Love, us.

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One Response to Technology and Suffering

  1. Brown Bear says:

    Pretty neat to get technology when and where you want it. Even neater to get to a place where you are completely isolated from it. When you get reintroduced to it you realize how much stress the big wide world creates with out you even being aware of it.Are you sick of camping yet?Are me Fiona and Dad the only ones reading this?

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