Birmingham, AL

Made it to Birmingham today after a fairly short drive from Jackson, MS (3 1/2 hours)

Lisa worked with the kids all the way on homeschool math. Tomorrow it’s me on Greek, music, etc.

We’re seeing some really pretty countryside through these parts. Lots of pine trees, lots of trees in general. Quite a change from West Texas.

We are actually staying at a camp we stayed at last summer on our Smokie Mountain trip. It’s surprising how familiar it all is, right down the toilet that doesn’t flush real well in the men’s bathroom. That aside, it’s a very nice place to be. The kids seem happy with it, they remember it too, but the playground and the beach and the fishing.

After our Saturday night in Jackson at the campground things cleared out well on Sunday, leaving us with the place virtually to ourselves. What grates my nerves is the folks who seem to think the countryside lacks the proper ambience and so fill it with the latest country and pop hits. There’s a stereo across the campside right now that has been playing since we got here 6 hours ago (no I’m not counting the hours…).

We had a good time in Jackson in Sunday. We went to church at First Pres., a thriving, downtown congregation. Very friendly folks.

From there we proceeded to our favorite eatery, Cracker Barrel and proceeded to wait through the church crowds for two hours, yummy food in spite of it all.

We then went to the Natural Science museum and saw some really interesting fish, snakes, amphibians, and land critters of all sorts. What fascinated me was the skeletal remains of some prehistoric animals including a ground sloth that was probably 500 pounds, arms like a huge gorilla. They said it liked to eat plants, but if I saw one of those in the backyard, I’d be running.

Tomorrow we hope to meet up with a few friends of mine here in the city. One is trying to find me a church here, the other is a growing relationship with a guy from Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship. We hope to get families together and maybe eat some food. Good chance for some of that Southern Hospitality we always hear so much about.

We’ll be here a couple days then will be headed into Georgia to meet another couple pastor friends of mine in the Atlanta area. Kids are looking forward to the “World of Coke.” Lisa and I went there many years ago when we only had one child. Hard to imagine that. We all fit into a Honda Accord!

I don’t remember much about it except for the tasting room. Unlimited tastes of Coke products from all over the world. Lots of interesting flavors very different from the usual American palate. I think the kids are visualizing something like Willie Wonka’s Chocolate factory. They can’t wait.

Ahhh, my neighbors have finally shut off their noise maker. Now I won’t have to go over and be assertive without being confrontational, a delicate balance.

See ya’ll tomorrow…

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2 Responses to Birmingham, AL

  1. Murray Girls says:

    I have been eagerly awaiting your next installment. Pedophiles and murderers are exactly the reason I’m not camping.Glad to hear the noise makers cleared out and that you found some new ones. Life can’t be to easy you know.I have sent this blog to about 30 people so your audience is increasing. Do me proud little brother.F

  2. Brown Bear says:

    Lets see…people cutting branches out of a tree for firewood, shouting around the fire, strange, unsupervised campground kids slamming highy caffineated drinks, stereos blasting AND Cracker Barrel!!!!!!!!! Isn’t it GRAND rubbing up against “average America”!!!!!!

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